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Frequently Asked QuESTIONS

What are the steps to join Branding Toppers and get started? 
answer: Go to the Branding Toppers Become A Member page and complete the "membership application and label design form" and also pay the one-time membership fee of $175. You'll be contacted by email welcoming you to the Branding Toppers membership program, asking if you would like to schedule a conversation and given an estimated turn around time on receiving a creative design proof of your first Branding Toppers.  

Download our Branding Toppers Membership Brochure.

What is the one-time fee to get started?
answer: Our Membership Enrollment fee is $175. This includes taking your existing logo and designing the label artwork of your first customized Branding Toppers and getting you set up into our printer's production program and our ordering / accounting system. (See examples of labels that members have chosen on the about Branding Toppers page.)

When is payment due?

answer: You will receive an invoice via email with a payment link. That email invoice includes the printing of your label order, Marketing Toppers ordered applicable tax and shipping which is due upon receipt.

How often do you place the membership Branding Toppers order?

answer: We submit master orders 3 times a year: January, May and September. 

How do I order Marketing Toppers?
answer: Go to the Marketing Toppers page and complete the order form, or download/complete/submit the quick ORDER FORM (pdf). Marketing Toppers are ordered with the Branding Toppers master order 3 times a year: January, May and September. 

How long does it take to receive my order?
answer: Branding Toppers orders take 2-4 weeks from when the master membership is placed into production. New Members need to have their artwork created and approved before order deadline. Email reminders of deadline approaching are sent to all members. 

What if I don't have a logo and need you to create a label design?
answer: Our graphic designer will work with your shared ideas and offer creative proofs for your review. We also have some very talented logo design specialists that we can refer you to for an additional fee.

Can I have my own graphic design prepare the label designs?
answer: Yes. Please refer them to the Label Design Guidelines page for details. There is still a one-time $75 per label set-up fee.

What if I add a location to my current business or have multiple locations and need an additional label with just the phone number(s) changed?
answer: No problem. The one-time fee is $70 for a phone number change. 

What if I want an additional label to feature my Instagram page or other social media sites?
answer: New or additional label designs are available for $70 per design and size.

How can I suggest a Marketing Topper title that my store / business would like to see added?

answer: Just send the title(s) to us by using the form on the Contact Us page or adding to any of our order forms. 

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