When submitting your own Branding Toppers artwork / label design.

SMALL: 1-1/16 inch round label (1.065”)        
LARGE: 2-1/2 inch round label (2.5”)

- Submit your Branding Toppers artwork in a vector format.
- Include all fonts or convert type to outlines or curves.
- Include all placed files (artwork) used in the document even if they are embedded, ie... EPS files and their originals, TIFFs, and PSD files.
- Scanned images for 4-color process printing must be at a resolution of 300dpi. Scanned line art and type must be at 1200ppi.
- Do not use JPEG, GIF, or PICT files in your documents. When using TIFF please do not save using LZW Compression.

Minimum Standards (for best results, do not go below these recommendations):
Rules: .5pt (.007in.) 
Type: Positive Type: 4pt Sans Serif. ​Reverse Type: 5pt Sans Serif and 7p Serif.
Bleed: .0625” from edge of dieline. 
Color Tran: Minimum .5pt (.007 in.) 
Screen: 5% to 100%.
NOTE: We cannot print less than 2% of any color blends.

Software (if your software is not listed, please contact us before sending your files):
Macintosh Software: Adobe Illustrator
PC Software: CorelDraw X8
NOTE: Please be sure to convert all type to outlines, curves or paths. 

Submitting Files to Branding Toppers
Email to: 

Branding Toppers Label Templates 
Our color plates are produced from Adobe Illustrator and EPS templates are available for download that
reflects the bleed, die line, and safe zone. SMALL and LARGE

Branding Toppers Design Guidelines Document

Need a print version of the Branding Toppers Design Guidelines? Click here.

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