In 2004 I started having labels printed by a local printer for my clients and ended up creating a savings by combining orders and printing in larger print runs. These labels were bright, professional, and had a water-resistant coating that protected the ink and label quality. Now being round they could be used on top of supplement caps creating a private label concept for thousands of items in my client's stores. One day a retailer that I had met at a trade show asked if they had to be a client to get in on the savings program... Branding Toppers was born. 

I wanted to make a difference so I created a membership program where large retailers and small retailers would share the savings - making the printing cost affordable to all members as well as marketing support.


At a member's request two generic feature / benefit labels were created: gluten free and 

organic. We now have a growing library of Marketing Toppers hot trends including: 

Low Carb/Keto Friendly, Vegan, Made with Organic Ingredients, Grass Fed, Sprouted, RAW,

Made Fresh - all inspired by member requests. ​Click here to see the current library.


​“celebrating 15 Years and The story continues”

In 2014 two very talented independents (sales and graphic design) joined the Branding Toppers 

team to support membership growth and help build our unique Marketing Toppers library. 

That's surely not the end of the story... I plan to continue to create marketing tools for retailers

plus create a foundation that gives back. Branding Toppers is "sticking" around and wishes to thank

members for their support of an independent business and making our program work! 

In 2019 we continued to grow and support retailers with even more creative Marketing Toppers

[attribute labels] and adding creative ways of applying labels... lots more to come! Stay tuned!  

Branding Toppers...

designed to "brand"

just about anything as yours! 

Branding Toppers is a member driven program since 2004

that shares print savings, marketing strategy, advertising techniques and Marketing Toppers, too!

In 1988 I began supporting retail marketing in the natural foods industry. I worked as an in-house agency for a large independent retail chain. We handed out tons of samples and literature without an ounce of store branding. I decided to use self-inking stamping machines for adding branding messages on literature and printed (in-house) return address labels purchased at the local office supply store to place on samples. The problem was that if anything got wet the label content was ruined plus the ink and labor was costly.​

Branding Toppers is a member driven program since 2004

that shares print savings

and marketing support, too!

Feature / benefit labels designed to highlight marketing messages. Visit our growing library of member requested Marketing Toppers titles.

Extend your private label reach by adding your own customized Branding Toppers to all brands you sell. Great for samples & literature, too!

THE story... 

marketing that sticks!

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